IT Security Risk Assessment Services

Helping to make your IT system more secure. Inside and out.

More than 80% of all security breaches are inside jobs. That’s a pretty shocking piece of news for most companies—which is why many responsible IT leaders are bringing in white hat consultants to test for weaknesses and vulnerabilities within their network. A good idea, but with GLINTEKO, we can help you take it to the next level. When it comes to ‘white hat’ enterprise security assessments, our expert staff and proprietary systems are unmatched.

Our industry-focused assessment has been continually refined resulting in the ultimate solution for combating security threats, before they arise. And we’ve got security assessment down to a science—literally—so, you won’t wait the typical 2-3 weeks to see results. Instead, you can rely on a 48-72 hour window from the time we begin to when we present our findings in clear, concise detail. That efficiency also allows us to offer these critical services at a very attractive price.

Our final presentation includes an IP vulnerability index, a password strength rating, and two statistically relevant red-yellow-green light ratings to demonstrate how you compare to your peers. And because we’d never use the results as a prologue to additional project work, we’ll offer a full list of recommendations based on our findings—but won’t include estimates, ensuring that our assessment stays completely unbiased.


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