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With GLINTEKO, you can expect all the cornerstones of development services:  

  • Deep Expertise in Design, and User Adoption 
  • Unparalleled Extension Development and Support 
  • A Culture of Collaboration With Your Team 

Project Delivery Services at Glinteko

At the definition stage of a project, our team works with you to identify and articulate the motivation for an extension. Why does it make sense now for your organization, and what does success look like? Whether the desire is to meet the needs of designers, lower the number of reported installation delays and issues, or speed up the cost-price-quote process, our team of consultants is equipped with the methodology to deliver immediate business value for your business.


Through dialogue, we learn about your business, share our capabilities, and collaborate to define a minimum viable product (MVP). Our shared goal in defining an MVP is to deliver immediate return on your investment.


Our approach to design is focused on the users of your extension. We work with you to identify pain points that must be eliminated and determine how information should flow throughout key processes.


With decades of experience in software development, our team develops, tests, and releases products using the agile framework. We emphasize collaboration with our clients to ensure the best functionality and design is delivered.


We provide expert technical support for extension or database issues including the ones below.

  • Bug fixes
  • Changes to functionality
  • Enhancements
  • Minor version upgrades
  • Release testing and support
  • Semi-annual upgrade testing and support
  • Communicating with Configura to address core issues


  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Coordination of backlog grooming
  • Hours reporting and management
  • Regression test scheduling
  • Report generation and review

What Is Configura Extension Technology (CET) and CET Designer?

Configura Extension Technology is the foundational platform that supports CET Designer software and its ecosystem of extensions. CET extensions allow designers to drag and drop furniture, material handling systems, and other products into digital spaces, and those extensions are built using a proprietary programming language called CM.

What does that all mean? Well, it means something a little different depending on who you talk to.

Office Designers, Interior Designers, and Others Use CET to Design Spaces

CET Designer has revolutionized the way that professional designers approach their work. Before CET, specifying, buying, and installing office furniture was an incredibly slow, error-ridden process. Designers would have books upon books full of product specifications, finishes, fabric, pricing, and myriad other nitty gritty (and necessary) details. The specs for one office chair could take up ten or more pages! They’d use drawings, CAD software, 3D rendering tools like Google SketchUp, complicated order forms, and other tools just to keep a project moving forward. And if a mistake was made, the entire process had to be repeated. It was back to the drawing board, sometimes literally. CET Designer puts the entire design, ordering, and installation process into a single platform to save time, eliminate errors, and make everyone’s life easier from creating design concepts for a new space to assembling support braces on extra-large desktop surfaces. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, designers can pull individual items from multiple furniture manufacturers into a virtual space, and CET Designer will automatically update the scene based on manufacturer specifications. For example, if multiple tabletops are arranged together in a row, the appropriate mid-span supports will be swapped out for end supports. If a piece of furniture is placed without specifying a fabric, finish, or other important feature, CET Designer will alert the designer. And every single change is linked to pricing, so a running design budget is tallied as the space gets built out. With such an effective all-in-one system for space planning and configuration, the most frustrating thing a designer can encounter in the process is when a furniture manufacturer hasn’t created an extension in the CET Marketplace for their product lines.

Manufacturers Use CET to Drive New Profits

With so many designers shifting over to CET software, demand for CET Marketplace extensions is rising. Manufacturers who are not active in this space are missing out on significant opportunities to drive new profits. Manufacturers can become CET application partners and get their product lines introduced into the CET marketplace to drive shorter sales cycles, greater customer satisfaction, and higher revenue. Manufacturers using CET extensions have an incredible amount of control and customization available to them: You can build models for unique products instead of using generic models in other applications. You can define rules and behaviors that dictate how products should be configured and deployed, which saves time and money and significantly reduces the risk of design errors and having to rework layouts and designs. You can enable dynamic generation of a bill of material (BOM), pricing, and quotes while simultaneously modeling product usage and placement. Unfortunately, manufacturers often face numerous challenges as they seek to create and maintain their own extension. Manufacturers rarely have an IT team with the specialized skillset to effectively program all their exact specifications into the CET platform using CET’s custom CM code language. If manufacturers do manage to get an extension created, whether via their in-house team or outsourcing, it may not be of a quality that distinguishes the designer experience from competitors who have invested in the platform. Once they have a high-quality CET extension created, any changes to pricing, specifications, design, and other features of their products need to be implemented and pushed out to the CET marketplace on a regular basis. This puts additional strain on in-house technology teams—and budgets.

Developers Help Manufacturers Create and Update CET Marketplace Extensions

Many teams underestimate the amount of work involved in a CET extension implementation. It’s more than just a simple reformatting of your online or electronic catalog. And the CET Marketplace is becoming more competitive as more manufacturers are realizing the importance of getting their product catalogs into the platform. That means delivering an exceptional experience for dealers and designers has become the expectation and not a distinguishing factor. Whether a manufacturer is looking for a complete CET extension implementation from scratch or their internal technology team needs a bit of support or expert advice, developers and consultants like the ones at GLINTEKO help manufacturers break into the CET ecosystem and gain a competitive edge.

Types of CET Extensions

At GLINTEKO, we are one of the only implementation partners in the world fully equipped and staffed to build all three types of CET extensions. Below is a basic overview of each type:


A catalog extension for CET Designer is the most basic type. It essentially just includes CAD drawings of your products with limited options for designers to alter characteristics.


Also known as a hybrid extension, this option has code that controls certain aspects of how products behave in CET Designer, and that code can also pull in other attributes from a database hosted by Configura. This type of extension allows for greater customization and flexibility.


With a full PGC extension, all the options, rules, and other attributes of your products are included in the code. For highly customizable and custom products, this extension is often the best choice.


At GLINTEKO, our unique expertise in strategy and technology helps companies reorient their focus, align stakeholders across departments, and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Let’s discuss small moves that can make a big impact on your business.