Building Automation

A building automation and control system (BACS) is used to integrate different kinds of services into a single system to provide automated combined services and, consequently  ease maintenance and save costs. Typical services provided by Glinkto are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as lighting and shading .  Building automation systems (BAS) provide automatic control of the conditions of indoor environments.

GLINTEKO is focusing at the  automation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in large functional buildings. Our  primary goal is to realize significant savings in energy and reduce cost.

GLINTEKO also includes information from all kinds of building systems, working toward the goal of “intelligent buildings”

As far as the lighting services are concerned, control systems offer an important opportunity of managing lighting systems and reducing energy consumption, due to the use of integration strategies between daylight and electric lighting and strategies based on the occupancy of spaces. 

GLINTEKO works to automate  and  integrate fire systems with other building automation systems. Integration of this kind requires communication standards and careful design practices which are offered by our company.


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