Healthcare. We call it peoplecare—and it’s a business. Like no other.

In the healthcare sphere, there’s a lot of talk about data. How it’s gathered, analyzed, integrated, and generally put to the best use. This is critically important information. After all, healthcare is a business, and with better information comes better understanding, better service and better results.

But healthcare is something completely different, too. Are patients customers? Is life-saving care a product? What does efficiency look like here? Or success? The unique nature of human-centered engagement sets this area of service well apart from other industries, and working with a partner that fully considers the broadly singular challenges of healthcare—one that can offer tested, thoughtful solutions at every point of contact—makes all the difference. For both patient and provider.

Specialized Healthcare Capabilities


At its core, digital transformation is about improving human experiences. Patient and provider experiences are central in the healing of lives. Through design thinking, UX/UI, and application development, we work with healthcare organizations to innovate toward new and better experiences. This includes product design and development like CareCircle and Kairoi CareLogic as well as mobile and social applications that engage patients in meaningful ways.


What new technologies are successfully used to gain advantage and drive improvement? Healthcare organizations have worked with us on end-user compute projects, platform conversions, cloud migrations, and as a service initiatives.


Analytics means many things for healthcare organizations today. We work on many of those things—enterprise data warehouses, business intelligence platforms, data visualization, advanced analytics, and big data.


To be effective data needs to be in the right place at the right time. Our work ranges from patient portals to concierge medicine to patient contact centers.


Our managed services teams support Fortune 500 and health/life sciences institutions with the everyday system administration skills that inform what we do in design and implementation. We pay attention to running reliable systems so your people can focus on the people and processes that support caregiving.


At GLINTEKO, our unique expertise in strategy and technology helps companies reorient their focus, align stakeholders across departments, and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Let’s discuss small moves that can make a big impact on your business.